Jesus Man… He Died For Our Sins & That’s Crazy!


  I’m back to share just a little about Easter week. As most people know we recently finished up the week of Easter. For me, it was really long and very emotional… but a good kind of emotional! Every year Easter comes and goes, and I’ve really never thought about the true meaning of it until this year. It hit me like a slap in the face. I honestly felt like Jesus was wrecking me on the daily!   

  Before I go on, let me explain what “Jesus wrecking me” means. Christians tend to say something along those lines a lot… My sister pointed out it’s like “Christian slang,” but what does that mean? I asked a few friends how they would define it, and I got some very good answers. Here’s what I got from those answers, as well as how I would define it myself. Sorry to go “off topic” for a few paragraphs, but I think it’s important to help the rest of my story make sense!

  So imagine a moment in school. You’re doing a math problem and you just can’t understand it no matter how hard you study. Then you finally decide to ask your teacher for help. Something suddenly clicks and you feel relieved, but also kind of mind blown by the answer because you never thought about it that way before… That’s kind of the gist of it. It’s God opening your mind and heart to an understanding of who He really is. And suddenly you realize the things you thought were so right, or mattered so much, weren’t. It’s truly eye opening and freeing.  -Me

  I got some pretty different answers from the three friends I asked: Ahsia, Dawson, and Spencer. I’m going to compile what I made of them here. To start, there’s different ways you can be wrecked by Christ. A very common one which I think almost every Christian has experienced is when you finally grasp who God is. When you realize that your life would be so much better with Him. And as Ahsia said you realize this because He is tearing down a preconceived notion you’ve had. To go along with this, Spencer said something that was a good reminder. God can tear down your walls during so many different times in your life. I mean, so many people go through seasons where they start walking away from Christ. Obviously God doesn’t want that to happen. I mean, it literally pains Him to see people walking away from Him… So He intervenes, which can be really painful as you’re slipping away because you can slip so far. But He uses those dark times to pull us back. He takes things away and disciplines us (for our own good) until we realize how lost and wrong we were and come back into His light. Once we come back, He washes us of any doubts, anxiety, pain, or whatever brought us down. It’s truly beautiful. 

  Now for what Dawson said. It goes into a different season, a season where you are really “thriving” in Christ. When I asked his definition of “wrecked” he said “it’s when you’re so close to God that you feel distant from the devil.” This is probably the best definition for how I felt during Easter week. I felt so full and so close to Christ that my body shook and I literally felt like Jesus was standing beside me.  

  I actually found a blog post where someone described their first experience of being “wrecked.” Here is the link if you’re interested. (On Being Wrecked: How Jesus messed me up). 

  In summary, I’d say that we use the term “wrecked” to refer to experiences we have in our life as Christians, when Jesus tears apart the lies from Satan we have believed and reveals more of His Truth and Love to us. He breaks down our sinful mindsets or complacency and frees us for a more vibrant and abundant life in Him. So “wrecked” might sound negative but it really is a word for the life-changing work that only Christ can do! This Easter was one of those times Jesus did that in and for me.

  I’ve never thought deeply about everything He went through for us, so the seven days of Easter week were just another reminder of how much I’ve changed since being saved two months ago. During worship songs, I choked up, feeling like something was holding my neck to where I could barely sing. Whenever I prayed in services, I wept. It just kept hitting me HOW much Jesus sacrificed for us and HOW little we deserved that. I got sensations that literally ran through my whole being. It felt like being power-washed of ALL of my sins at once. Like you just took the best cold shower of your life. It’s a tingling, shaking, overwhelming vibe that runs through your whole being and soul. It’s an experience I wish everyone could feel at least once in their life.

  “But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him and by His wounds we are healed.” -Isaiah 53:5 

  This verse says it all. He was pierced in hand and foot, His skull crushed by thorns, His head beaten, His clothes ripped off, and His side stabbed. All of that pain for us, you and me. Every sin we ever committed He took upon Himself and let them die with Him just so that we could live holy and blameless in the sight of God… And probably the craziest thing, which I haven’t really thought of until this week, is that He wasn’t even scared of any of that pain. In church one Sunday before easter, our pastor was talking about “the great submission,” how Jesus wasn’t anxious or scared for the pain of the cross, He was only scared of the separation from God His father. He had so much anxiety that he wept and sweat blood!! Can you even imagine? We think our anxiety can get bad, but His was beyond anything we will ever have to experience. He asked “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will but yours, be done,” -Luke 22:41. He was so scared, yet He trusted in God’s plan. Obviously God didn’t take that cup from Him, but He sent an angel to Jesus telling Him that although God wouldn’t take the cup, He would drink it with Him. That’s powerful! It just reminded me that God won’t always say yes to our prayers, but He will ALWAYS be there walking through any battles with us. 

   “For I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” -Matthew 28:5-6

  Like I said, I never thought about all of this very deeply until this year. During every worship song and prayer this week, I really thought about it, and it broke me. (There’s another term, similar to “wrecked!”). I have had a hard time crying recently, but this week I actually cried and it was so freeing. When I wasn’t crying, I was choked up or shaking. Sometimes it was all three combined and I honestly felt extremely close to God in those moments. I would close my eyes and see Him so clearly hanging from that cross. I saw all the pain He bore for me mixed with so much love radiating off of the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen. 

                      “He who had no sin became sin to bear the iniquities of many.” -2 Corinthians 5:21 

  There’s so much more I could say, but I really just wanted this to be a (semi) short post for me to share a little about what Easter meant to me this year. It was a week that wrecked me, and I honestly think it may turn out to be one of the most memorable weeks of this year! I swear not one day passed where I didn’t think about His ultimate sacrifice and love. Oh! I almost forgot to add… Not only did He die for us, HE ROSE AGAIN!! He came back for us, so that we would not be left alone. All He did throughout that week was due to the never-ending love He has for every single person on this earth! That my friends is crazy! I’m overflowing with God’s grace and I really hope you are too!  IT IS FINISHED. HE IS RISEN!

                                   “Risen life has ever changed the tone of everything.”

                                                      ~MORGAN HARPOR NICHOLS

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