An Introduction

Hi! I’m Josie Schoonover.

This intro has been haunting me, as I’ve really been struggling with what to write and where to start. I didn’t know how to format it or really what to say, but since this is an introduction to who I am and what I hope to make this blog into I think I will split it into sections. So here goes!

 Home. School. Sports.

I am seventeen years old, currently living in Fort Worth, Texas where I have grown up. If you asked me if I like it here I’d probably tell you I don’t. I say that mainly because I have always loved being by the seaside or mountainous areas, both of which Texas does not have. The weather is also not ideal for me either, I hate the intense summer heat and the fact that the only real seasons we get are Spring and Summer. I don’t want to make it sound like I hate my life because I don’t. Actually, I love Fort Worth! And there are many aspects to Texas that are beautiful, like the Hill Country, the lakes, and some of its cities. But probably the only thing that will ever pull me back here if I ever leave is the people. Southern hospitality is definitely a real thing! The people in Texas are just so inviting and nice wherever you go. I have so many friends and family members here who I love to death. I’m homeschooled, so I don’t have any school friends, but I have made friends other ways, mainly through dancing.

I’m going into my senior year of high school, and I’m looking into starting culinary school in 2019. I say 2019 because I am behind in math due to being a very unmotivated Freshman which doesn’t work out well when you’re homeschooled primarily by “self-study” like I am. There’s a small chance that I can catch up by next year, but I honestly think it will be good to take an extra year for high school. I’ll be able to catch up as well as taking some dual credit classes at our community college. It will also allow me another whole year to focus on dance. I do Irish dance, and I consider it a sport although it’s also a fine art! It has become not only my sport but my whole life.





I have a few hobbies!

1. Art – I love painting and I have since I was a kid. Sadly, I don’t get that much time for it, but I am working on continuing to enjoy and develop this skill!

2. Writing – As a little kid I loved to write in my journal and make short stories. Starting at the beginning of high school, it became one of my favorite subjects. I have always liked sharing my writing with others which sparked my interest in blogging. My New Year’s resolution was to journal every day which lasted until April when I went to Ireland for three weeks which got me off track and I haven’t been able to get back into it since.  I’m hoping I can stick to this blog better than my journal. I think I’ll be more motivated knowing people are following it!

3. Cosmetology- As a little girl, I lived in princess dresses and tiaras. I have since become less of a girly girl in dress but still love to get fixed up for special occasions and dance competitions. I never rushed into wearing makeup since I knew I wouldn’t be allowed, and once I was I just started off with small amounts of mascara. When I had permission to wear more, I began watching YouTube videos and practicing getting better at it. Now, I’ve enjoyed learning the art of hair and makeup design. I want to start my own YouTube for hair and makeup as well as some other subjects. I am trying to get some jobs doing wedding hair and makeup and already have two probable weddings in the fall!

4. Health & Fitness – Being a dancer I have had to do cross training to improve my dancing and keep from injuring myself. I began with searching ab workouts on Pinterest, but last year my best friend introduced me to Cassey Ho’s (a fitness YouTuber/blogger) work out calendars and since then I have gotten really into working out. I workout like I said for cross training which has definitely helped me with having a healthier mindset when working out. I don’t do it to lose weight, but to gain muscle strength and make me a happier person. I have also always been interested in nutrition, as my mom is big into that, but I never knew where to start for myself. In January, I did a month-long challenge of Cassey Ho’s; it was basically like a Whole 30 cleanse but a little more strict. I loved it, and I will probably do it again sometime. It taught me a lot and got me started on a journey to figure out what kind of diet would be best for my health, happiness, and dancing!


 Other Facts

1. Travel – I adore traveling. Staying in Texas for too long can get me down, mainly because I am so eager to explore the world around me. I have been to 18 states and want to see them all as soon as I can. Outside of the U.S., I have been to Mexico City, Mexico, Uganda, Africa, London, England, and Dublin, Kerry, and Dingle, Ireland! I have always been adventurous and loved the outdoors, but now more than ever. I can’t wait to travel even more this next year and now be able to share those travels with you!

2. My personality – I am a romantic. I always have been and probably always will. It’s something I have recently really come to terms with, but it was definitely an insecurity of mine. I’m also extremely sentimental which definitely coincides with my romanticism. I used to believe I was an introvert, but as I get older I realize how much more of an extrovert I am becoming. My best friend was the first person to tell me I was outgoing. I didn’t believe her until she explained that when I’m with my friends or meeting someone I’m very talkative and inviting. I’m still shy at times but I’m working on stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing the things that scare me most.

3.  My Faith – I am a Christian, which some people don’t know about me. I’ve grown up in a Christian home and have always called myself a Christian, but it was only recently that I really became one. I am planning on getting baptized this fall and I am very excited! God is the one person I know is always there no matter what. I really want to share more of my faith outwardly and I am hoping I’ll be able to do that on this blog! I’ve always been scared to bring up faith with my friends because I’m scared to offend anyone or possibly start a fight, but I really want to start taking chances with that even if it is terrifying. Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.”

Well, there’s so much more to say about myself, but I have to save some stuff for blog posts, lol. I am so excited to finally start this blog where I can share my thoughts and things I love with my friends, family, and future friends! Here’s to something new and a little bit scary.
XOXO – Josie

5 Replies to “An Introduction”

  1. Hi Josie,
    My name is Temeka. I want to welcoming you to the blogging community as well. I loved your first blog post. I was warm and inviting. I’m also a blog beginner. I still have trouble with finding interesting things to share with people to get them to read my blog. I had already wrote three post but end up deleting them entirely. One time I was so bad that I would delete blog page after blog page to start over fresh. Now, I decided after making this new blog page that I’m going to stick to it and give it all I got no matter what. Then I’m also stuck on what type of blog I want to show people in the blogging community. But I guess that all in the journey right? Learning and experiencing of starting something new you never really done before. Sorry, I wrote a long story but I just wanted to wish you lucky in everything you want to achieve in your life and God bless. I cant want to read more of your blog.


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